Kitsune Magic is a collaboration between master Japanese magician Takumi Kitsune and avid magic hobbyist Marty Jacobs.

We specialise in the production of high-quality digital learning resources for magicians, magical performers and magic enthusiasts. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned professional, we have a wide range of resources that will help you become a better, more confident performer.

Do you want to improve your sleight of hand skills, expand your theoretical thinking, or strengthen your performance persona? Then take one of our interactive courses on magic, or simply read one of the many informative articles or classic magic books available on the site.

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Are you just hunting for secrets? I’m afraid this isn’t the place for you.

Note: Some of the books, courses and clubs on the site require you to enter an access key before you can view them. You can get this key from the author of the book, the course instructor or the person in charge of the club.

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